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"One Belt and One Road" inspiration into daily ceramic design

"One Belt and One Road" inspiration into daily ceramic design

On the morning of the 6th, the 17th China (Zibo) International Ceramic Exposition and the 16th Shandong Advertising Festival opened at the Zibo International Convention and Exhibition Center. In the dazzling array of porcelain on the site, the "Glory of the Golden Age" series consisting of more than 100 pieces of tableware in the Silicon Element Ceramics Gallery attracted visitors' attention. The design of this set of cutlery incorporates the theme of "One Belt and One Road" and the elements of the Silk Road. Draw it.

“Porcelain is an important commodity of the ancient Silk Road and an important carrier of cultural and artistic exchanges. So in the course of our creation, we systematically designed this set of theme cutlery from the type to the picture, in terms of elements and colors. It also seeks to highlight the aesthetic features of different regions and nations in a unified style."

According to the designer Mao Xiaodong, the theme of this design is mainly through the ceramics carrier, which carries out cultural and artistic expressions of the “One Belt and One Road”. Dunhuang art is the integration and symbiosis of culture and art on the ancient Silk Road. Important embodiment. The screen is decorated with gold and blue-green as the main colors. The main screen design highlights “One Belt” and “All the Way”. The main design elements are Silk Road and Marine Silk Road. There are ship waves, camel dune, phoenix peony and nine colors. Lu Xiangyun consists of four patterns.  The waves of the sailing ship represent the voyage of the Silk Road at sea, the dunes of the camel team represent the Silk Road, the phoenix represents the traditional auspicious culture of China, and the Jiuse Deer Cloud represents the cultural exchange and integration.  The overall representation of the cultural exchanges and integration embodied in the Silk Road, as well as the auspicious prosperity and peace and prosperity that are conveyed.

“The decoration of bowls, plates and other utensils is decorated according to the shape of the device, and the contrast between the variety and simplicity, the integration of traditional elements and modern forms. The design elements of Ruyi, Lianzhu and Juancao are the main design elements. It is composed of beads pattern and continuous scroll pattern.Ruyi group flowers represent good luck and good luck, combined beading lines represent round-melting stretches, continuous grass-grain lines represent luxuriant vitality.The overall pattern represents lush and lush and good fortune.In addition, some classic art elements are used. The image is used as a finishing touch, such as the “three-eared rabbit,” and the three rabbits skillfully compose the common three ears. This classic image is used as a cultural symbol to spread across the Eurasian region through the Silk Road and is widely used. The diversified, communicative and interactive nature of Dunhuang art will be perfectly explained under the modern design concept," Mao Xiaodong told reporters.

(Qilu Evening News, Qilu Xiaodian Reporter Ma Yuxi)