The State Council studies foreign trade policy and emphasizes speeding up the progress of export tax rebates.

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Premier Wen Jiabao of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council on the 12th to study and determine policies and measures to promote the steady growth of foreign trade. In order to support the development of foreign trade, the meeting discussed and adopted the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Stable Growth of Foreign Trade" and determined the following policy measures:

Accelerate the progress of export tax rebates to ensure accurate and timely tax rebates.

Expand the scale of financing, reduce financing costs, support commercial banks in their efforts to expand trade financing for small and micro enterprises, and increase loans to eligible export enterprises.

Expand the scale and coverage of export credit insurance, with special attention to the development of credit insurance for small and micro enterprises. Expand short-term insurance business and support small and medium-sized enterprises to explore international markets. Earnestly implement special arrangements for export financing insurance for large complete sets of equipment.

● Improve the level of trade facilitation. Simplify approval procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency and reduce customs clearance costs. On the premise of ensuring effective supervision, the scope of application of territorial declaration and port inspection and release will be relaxed to some Class B enterprises. Further reduce the statutory inspection and quarantine directory. All entry-exit inspection and quarantine fees for statutory inspection and quarantine objects in the fourth quarter of 2012 will be exempted, and the reduced inspection and quarantine fees will be implemented from 2013.

Properly deal with trade frictions and safeguard the rights and interests of export enterprises. Implement import trade remedies to protect the safety of domestic industries.

●Actively expand imports, focus on increasing imports of advanced technology and equipment, key parts and components, and daily necessities closely related to the people, support the technological transformation of enterprises, and promote trade balance.

Optimize the international market layout of foreign trade and support enterprises to explore emerging markets in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe.

Optimize the domestic regional layout of foreign trade, expand the opening up of the central and western regions, and promote the development of economic and trade cooperation between border provinces and neighboring countries.

■Counterfeiting policy

Inclusion of infringement cases in the scope of government information disclosure

In order to intensify the crackdown on infringement and counterfeiting, the executive meeting of the State Council also discussed and passed the "Opinions on the Connection between Administrative Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in the Work of Combating Intellectual Property Infringement and the Production and Sale of Counterfeit and Inferior Commodities."

The "Opinions" stipulate that in the process of investigating and dealing with infringements and counterfeit and shoddy illegal acts in accordance with the law, if the administrative law enforcement agency finds that the illegal facts are suspected of constituting a crime and need to be investigated for criminal responsibility, it shall transfer the case to the public security agency at the same level.

The "Opinions" stipulate that when administrative law enforcement agencies find that infringements and counterfeit and shoddy illegal acts are obviously suspected of crimes during law enforcement inspections and acceptance of reports and complaints, they must immediately notify the public security organs at the same level in writing. After receiving the notification, the public security organ shall immediately investigate.

The "Opinions" also require administrative law enforcement agencies to include infringement and counterfeiting cases into the scope of government information disclosure and accept social supervision.

■ Expert analysis

Eight policies emphasize tax refund, credit insurance and rights protection

Since the beginning of this year, my country's foreign trade growth rate has fluctuated to a certain extent, especially after July, the export growth rate has fallen sharply. The fundamental reason is that effective external demand continues to shrink.

Industry insiders believe that the eight policies and measures cover the export tax rebate, export credit insurance, trade financing and other aspects that foreign trade enterprises are most concerned about. If they can be implemented as soon as possible, they will boost the development of foreign trade.

Specifically, speeding up the progress of export tax rebates and expanding the scale of financing can effectively reduce the pressure on corporate capital flows; expanding the scale and coverage of export credit insurance is a targeted "targeting" of some small and micro enterprises due to fear of market risks. The phenomenon of not being able to accept; reducing customs clearance costs is aimed at helping enterprises reduce their burdens in response to the rapid decline in profits of foreign trade enterprises; properly deal with trade frictions and implement import trade remedies, it is the need to create a good environment for my country's foreign economic and trade development under the background of the current warming of trade protectionism.