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Millennium porcelain is renewed Silk Road glory (Interview with members)

Millennium porcelain is renewed Silk Road glory (Interview with members)


  Zhong Zhisheng


  At the 2015 Jingdezhen Ceramics Fair, Zhong Zhisheng (second from left) is watching foreign exhibitors performing ceramic art.

  Cheng Shaoai photo

    If the city also has sex, Jingdezhen is like a gentle woman. The constant kiln fire of the millennium has given her a graceful appearance and a very charming temperament, so that people around the world yearn for her. Craftsmen come from all directions, and they go into the world. Jingdezhen City in Jiangxi Province has always been an open, inclusive city. This unique style has enabled the ceramics industry to make great strides here, and has created a unique scene where Jingdezhen is now "drifting everywhere" and "foreigners" getting together.

  Jingdezhen, which has been known all over the world for thousands of years, is today how to find a bigger stage for development and build a “dream building space” for the millennium porcelain capital. This reporter interviewed the NPC deputy and Party Secretary Zhong Zhisheng of Jingdezhen.

  "One Belt and One Road," continued brilliant

  As far back as the Camel Bell and the ancient Silk Road where sailboats are located, Jingdezhen is an important source of supply and an important starting point. In the face of the new opportunities of the “Belt and Road” initiative, “Jingdezhen actively integrates the national “Belt and Road” strategy, enhances friendship with countries and regions along the “One Belt and One Road”, strengthens cooperation in ceramics, tea and other industries, and jointly promotes cultural exchanges between the East and the West and economic and trade cooperation. Development, re-writing the glory of the Silk Road." Zhong Zhisheng said.

  In December 2014, Jingdezhen took a substantial first step. In the same year, the Jingdezhen delegation visited Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Cambodia for friendly visits, and signed letters of intent for the establishment of friendship cities with Matala City, Lampang Province, and Kampong Chhnang Province.

  Today, Jingdezhen has accelerated its integration into the "Belt and Road Initiative." Zhong Zhisheng said that on one hand, Jingdezhen built the “Mingfang Garden” to provide a better environment for famous workshops and famous artists to protect and inherit the handicraft porcelain skills; on the other hand, it vigorously implemented the old streets, old factories and old kiln sites. The “Three Olds” protection project transforms the old factory into a ceramic cultural industrial park.

  At the same time, Jingdezhen also took advantage of the International Ceramics Expo platform to establish friendly city relations with ceramic cities in more than a dozen countries along the “One Belt and One Road” and strengthen ceramic cultural exchanges.

  In July 2015, Jingdezhen's more than one hundred pieces of exquisite ceramic works debuted at the "China Ceramic Culture Week" at the Milan Expo in Italy. Through the portal of the Milan Expo, they further accelerated their integration into the "One Belt and One Road" construction.

  Gold signboard, innovation and upgrade

  Ceramics is the world name card for Jingdezhen. The millenial kiln fire continues to accumulate a heavy industrial advantage. How should it be developed now?

  On March 5, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council stated in his government work report, "Encourage enterprises to carry out customized and flexible production, cultivate the craftsmen's spirit of excellence, increase variety, improve quality, create brand." Zhong Zhisheng believes that the advent of the mass aesthetic era, especially the arrival of personalized customized consumer demand, and the rapid development of "Internet +" and other emerging industries, has provided a broad market space for ceramic products, ceramics, ceramics industry. “We must seize opportunities, protect, enlarge and make good use of the 'Jingdezhen' brand, develop hand-made porcelain and high-tech ceramics, increase the added value of daily-use ceramics and art ceramics, and promote the high-end, branding and internationalization of the ceramic industry. To create 'an upgraded version of the ceramic industry'." Zhong Zhisheng said.

  In addition to using ceramics as a municipal industry, Jingdezhen has also established a “3+1” industrial system with “aerospace as a new industry, automobiles as an important industry, and tourism as an industry”.

  Beautiful China, Green Rise

  Jiangxi is regarded as a "model" of beautiful China, and Jingdezhen has also been exploring its own green rising path.

  When Premier Li Keqiang made a report on the work of the government, he pointed out that "to promote new breakthroughs in green development" and "to accelerate the green transformation of traditional manufacturing industries." Zhong Zhisheng said that companies need to establish a green production concept. The government should guide enterprises to enrich the supply of ecological products, strengthen the development, design, and production of eco-industrial products and eco-living products, do a good job of resource recycling, reduce the loss of resources, and promote the rational use of resources; and guide enterprises to continuously increase environmental protection. Input, effectively reducing the production and operation of pollutants in the process of production and emissions, and vigorously develop pollution-free, safe, high-quality green products.

  At the same time, the government must establish a green performance outlook. Zhong Zhisheng said that the concept of green consciousness should be transformed into requirements, reflected in the path, and implemented in practice. Both "significant" and "reward performance" are emphasized, and the weight of ecological indicators in the assessment system is increased, and "green baton" is used to guide local governments to take the road to green growth.

  The society’s green consumption concept is also crucial. “Ecological protection is an all-people cause. We must vigorously promote low-carbon life, green consumption, and enhance citizens’ awareness of ecological consumption so that the entire society can establish a green consumer attitude.” Zhong Zhisheng said.